We produce the drawing set you can build from.
  • It will replace all bulletins and all layout shop drawings on your project.
  • It will be approved by the architect and engineer of record and all trade contractors.
One drawing for ALL.

Planit app

Plan & Control is a lean-based project management framework and application that is focused on the creation of a ‘single source of truth’ - CL model to be used by all stakeholders as a background for further fabrication drawings production.

Planit app


Efficient planning and a clear information hierarchy are foundational in successful construction projects. A well-structured plan establishes the roadmap for the project, ensuring timelines are met and resources are optimized. It serves as the guiding framework for the entire project team, aligning efforts toward common goals. Defining ‘Construction drivers’ is crucial in the Plan and control process.

Planit app

detailing in projects

Thorough detailing is the backbone of successful project outcomes. The main difficulty is to make sure that all parties involved are aware of what information and solutions have been incorporated into a certain project scope and at what time.

Plan & control allows facilitation of a ‘predictable’ detailing environment where ‘Input data’ triggers communication flow that results in the incorporation of resolutions of such flow into ‘Output data’ deliverables.

Planit app

Role-based communication flow

A large amount of information to manage and the participation of all stakeholders is critical. We came up with a 'Command center', a smart grouping mechanism that breaks down incoming data flow into manageable chunks while managing all dependencies in the background.

To be in control of their destiny on the project, users facilitate information they depend on from peer stakeholders.

Command center interface allows them to be aware and efficiently support and assist the people that depend on respective expertise .

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